OISE Language Coaching

Eloquence in English
In a purpose-designed environment

Explore the school interior and see how each of the purposed-designed training spaces contributes to an environment which delivers eloquence to OISE participants.


1. Reception Area

An open plan area for relaxed and easy communication with the school team.   The school team helps participants with social and cultural activities, accommodation advice, course extensions, course up-grades, the registration process for English language examinations, airport taxis and local transport information.

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2. Quatorial/Octorial Room

The Quatorial and Octorial lessons develop the skills required for an accurate and articulate use of the English language. Sessions include:

  • controlled practice in grammar structures and lexis development;
  • drills to sharpen the understanding of written texts;
  • coaching and practice in writing techniques;
  • formal listening exercises.
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3. Video Pod

For simulating skype and telephone conferencing, these pods allow participants to speak into one pod to a partner at another pod in a different location in the same school building.  Improves telephone technique and tele-conferencing technique.

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4. Lecture Theatre

For plenary and performance driven activities such as the plenary News Review session every day at 08.45 am and other performance sessions such as the Spoken Performance Workshop. Participants are trained to speak to their audience in authentic conditions which develops the important skills of body language, voice projection, breath regulation, speed of speech and the ability to maintain engagement with the audience.

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5. Debating Chamber

A dedicated space for debates and discussions. The preparation of the debate develops skills in team work, analysis, problem-solving, collaboration and research. The debate is a performance activity in which team members develop their spoken performance skills and the ability to create and articulate their arguments.

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6. Break-out Areas

Spaces for syndicate group project activities: reference books, computer stations and media resources are available for brainstorming and research.

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7. Self-access centre

A multi-media area for quiet work, research or consolidation.  Participants often make use of the self-access centre during the Masterclass session in which they set goals and learning strategies with their tutors.

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8. Tutorial Room

The Tutorial lesson delivers fast progress and enables the tutor and student to focus on a specific subject or on specific areas of English. The lesson is adapted to the precise level and needs of the participant and teaching methods are adjusted to the learning style of the participant, making it one of the most effective methods of language learning.

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9. Student Lounge

An informal area for relaxing and socialising in-between lessons. Tea, coffee, newspapers, magazines and News channel television are available all day.

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10. Quiet Work Area

A library or quiet area for lesson preparation, research, homework assignments or reading.

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